America’s Finest City… for Startups

There may no better city than San Diego for surfing, fish tacos, micro-brews… and startups. Some might say, “What’s that? San Diego? I thought it was all about Silicon Valley.” Close: Silicon Valley is where startups go when they want to be drowned in a sea of competition.

But if you’re looking for room to move as you build your business, look outside the Bay Area, south to San Diego where the talent pool is deep (e.g., with UCSD, SDSU, and other universities creating thousands of qualified, inventive technologists who prefer not to leave their new home, and sow their professional oats in America’s Finest City), and where the entrepreneurial culture is on the rise.

And these budding entrepreneurs can’t do it alone: that’s where a start-up coach comes in.



Beyond biotech and breweries

While it’s true that some of San Diego’s most successful startups are biotech companies and breweries, that barely scratches the surface of the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Startups in San Diego are, to put it mildly, diverse—specializing in solar energy, social media, gaming, financial services, travel, and so much more. And while their offers and target markets may differ, a characteristic most of the successful local startups share is coaching.

The best startup coaches in San Diego essentially offer a combination of mentoring and networking services. Yes, they can introduce you to angel investors and business partners that will help fund or build the infrastructure of your business. But they also offer guidance on building your business strategically.

For example, it’s important to plan forward, but not too far forward; more than one startup has taken its angel funding and built out an office for 100 employees when they only have 10, and run out of money to fund day-to-day operations. @@A startup coach can help you avoid common pitfalls and stay focused on revenue building.@@

Don’t let the beach bums fool you: San Diego is all business

@@Forbes recently called San Diego one of the best cities in the US to launch a startup.@@ And the city definitely has a track record: Qualcomm started in San Diego. ProFlowers started in San Diego. GoPro started here. No other city offers the possibility for work/life balance that sunny San Diego does. However—while it may seem simple on its surface—finding this balance can take some coaching as well. @@San Diego’s best startup coaches will train you on building up without burning out.@@

The world is littered with failed companies formerly run by Type As working 24/7. But it’s not about hard work as much as it is about smart work, and the best startup coaches will help you build your business in a lasting way—through strategic partnerships, making smart spends and hires, and managing projects based on revenue potential.

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Lee Fuhr